About Us

Multiple International Transportation Co., Ltd. was founded in the international port city of Kaohsiung. All members are experts in the transportation industry. We operate ocean and air freight and undertake logistics business, aiming at the quality brand of the transportation industry.

Our business covers the overall logistics services and includes ocean and air freight export, ocean and air freight import, triangle trade, express delivery business, exhibition, customs declaration, warehousing and other services. The business scope includes China (North China, Central China, South China), Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, North American, Middle East, India, Pakistan and other routes to provide customers with high quality services.

Our core values are professionalism, enthusiasm and sharing.

We are a team that strives for excellence and progress. Analyze, plan and integrate various logistics services for our customers. Integrate the resources and services needed in the supply chain for our clients, and tailor-made the most economical and efficient logistics solutions. Win with the customers in the fierce competition.